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Jack & John aren’t so bad after all

So I did the Jack & John show this morning and I have to say, they were pretty easy on me. Then again, they’re pretty easy on everybody who is ACTUALLY IN THE STUDIO with them.
It’s very odd to go on the radio and talk about what you think about something after spending 17 years being a journalist who isn’t allowed to express an opinion. Reporters have opinions — they’re some of the most opinionated people I know — they just don’t get to espouse them publicly. So it’s disconcerting to even border on opinion in a public format.
But it seems as though people want our take on things. Look at the success of Fox News… they’re spinning everything and yet they’ve overtaken CNN (who would have thought that possible?) by a long shot.
I don’t believe in spinning the news, but I do think sometimes people want you to connect the dots for them, rather than just throwing the dots out and hoping people will figure it out.
In this blog, I’m going to try to connect the dots more often.
What do you think?

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