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September 14, 2010


Jack & John aren’t so bad after all

by Deena Winter

So I did the Jack & John show this morning and I have to say, they were pretty easy on me. Then again, they’re pretty easy on everybody who is ACTUALLY IN THE STUDIO with them.
It’s very odd to go on the radio and talk about what you think about something after spending 17 years being a journalist who isn’t allowed to express an opinion. Reporters have opinions — they’re some of the most opinionated people I know — they just don’t get to espouse them publicly. So it’s disconcerting to even border on opinion in a public format.
But it seems as though people want our take on things. Look at the success of Fox News… they’re spinning everything and yet they’ve overtaken CNN (who would have thought that possible?) by a long shot.
I don’t believe in spinning the news, but I do think sometimes people want you to connect the dots for them, rather than just throwing the dots out and hoping people will figure it out.
In this blog, I’m going to try to connect the dots more often.
What do you think?

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  1. Fletch
    Sep 14 2010

    I thought you did a nice job on there. Kudos!

  2. sharon kromarek
    Sep 15 2010

    missed your interveiw but am excited to hear what you have to say, you go girl !!!!!!!

  3. Roger Yant
    Sep 15 2010

    Sorry I missed your interview with Jack & John, I just never listen to them, kind of boring and childish at times. They are part of the Lincoln establishment and bend the way of those that supported the Arena, they want to be part of the in-crowd in town, afraid to take on the establishment. If I would have know I would have listened though. Be sure and put it on youir blog if you are going to do any more radio or TV. Roger

  4. Fletch
    Sep 15 2010

    I guess I must like boring and childish. It’s the most entertaining morning show KLIN has ever had on the air that I can recall. Also, Jack Mitchell doesn’t strike me as part of the in crowd afraid to take on the establishment. He strikes me as the most savvy person in Lincoln radio that is taking advantage of “new media” to try to bring listeners to radio (where they’ve been fleeing for years). I don’t know him personally, but he effectively is blending radio with social media to the point where I feel involved in the show. No one else in town is doing that. I follow most local media on Twitter, and I think he’s ahead of the curve. In fact, you can simply follow Channels 8 and 10/11 on Twitter, and it’s easy to see in one day who has more of a clue than the other (not that either is great, but one is clearly stuck in 1970’s news promo land).

  5. Ed Patterson
    Sep 16 2010

    Jack and John were unabashed promoters of the Arena Project, as am I myself for that matter, but they supported it even to the point of supporting the public option for the financing and financial risk, and that is where I parted company with their approach.

    ….. Looking around the Lincoln Journalistic scene, ………

    There was a migrant from the sparsely populated North Country, with a tendency, not yet hammered out of her, to “connect the dots,” as it were. …LOL

    The radio promotion by Jack & John was what promoters of the public finance option on the Arena desperately needed, gearing up for the “$25,000,000” bond issue, actually obligating the taxpayers to about $800,000,000 in payments over the years. They weren’t really easy on you in the interview, actually it was the other way around, and being a guest in their studio, you were very gracious to your hosts.

    The music they played introducing you was Darth Vadar’s theme from the Star Wars movies, … making them the Jedi Knights I presume? … LOL

    But if one delves deeply enough into the history of local media, say to the 1960’s with the Lincoln Journal before it merged with the morning paper, the Star, it too was an unabashed promoter of family projects, and got itself crosswise with the trust of the people in the process. Mainly for that reason, and not just the changing technology, the Deena Winter years at the Journal were one of the best things that could have happened for readership of the paper. That is something that Jack and John might want to keep in mind.

  6. CJ
    Oct 2 2010

    I think you’re right on target in terms of people wanting–or perhaps “needing” is the better verb–to have the dots connected for them by someone who can do it in a fairly neutral way. If you as a reporter don’t do that, what you end up with is the current MSM practice of having reporters act as simple scribes, which is worthless when you’re covering politicians for whom spin/lying is a given.

    The best reporters sift out the chaff for their readers, along with explaining how Point A relates to Point G, once you get rid of the meaningless static provided by Points B through F. But, of course, that takes a lot more work/insight/smarts/knowledge than most reporters plying the trade today can or will offer up.


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