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September 21, 2010


Dan Marvin gets paid more than the mayor, too

by Deena Winter

Back during the heat of the arena campaign, the city’s arena coordinator, Dan Marvin, would sometimes mention that his contract would end after the May arena election.
The implication was that his job was not contingent upon a successful vote.
Turns out, his job didn’t end then. He has continued to work as an independent contractor for the city as the arena project manager and recently got a new contract. (Not to be confused with the arena project manager or program manager or any other manager associated with the arena project.)
His contract says he’ll work on property acquisition, financing and redevelopment agreement negotiations, and be the city’s primary contact with ISG (although presumably that won’t be necessary now that ISG did not win the bid to market the arena).
His one-year contract with the city says he’ll be paid $81,500 per year, with $10,000 allowed for expenses. The city also agreed to provide him with a city office, PC, phone, fax, etc.
I’ve always been surprised the city can provide a contractor with an office and all that, given that in my field that’s frowned upon, but city officials tell me it’s perfectly legal.
See the contract here: EO 83351

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  1. J. Brown
    Sep 21 2010

    It’s good to have best Buds in high places.

  2. CJ
    Oct 2 2010

    Actually, the city and Marvin are flirting with an IRS violation if he’s calling himself an independent contractor and they’re providing him with office space and equipment. It’s not just in your field, Deena, that that’s frowned upon. Someone who is an independent contractor generally furnishes his/her own equipment and work space.


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