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Antelope Creek getting green

The news about Antelope Creek being contaminated was interesting to me, since I’d just recently ridden bike through the Antelope Valley Project and was surprised at how green the creek is getting.
Algae is blooming in nooks and crannies, particularly around the future Union Plaza. Ed Kouma, who works in watershed management for the city, said a certain amount of green algae is normal but the city gets very concerned about areas where there is excessive algae.
Lincolnites can do their part to help keep the creek healthy by using no or no-phosphorus fertilizer, rain gardens and rain barrels to prevent too many nutrients from getting into streams.
I was also dismayed to see a lot of litter along the banks, particularly near the UNL campus. I thought we stopped using ditches as trash receptacles in the 70s…


Big donation coming — but from who?

I’ve been hearing for some time now that a big donation is going to be announced for the Sherman Field renovation.
Upwards of a half million dollars. That’s not terribly news-worthy, but what might be is the source of the donation: I’m hearing it’s one of the companies vying for the big arena contract — the construction manager.
I asked parks director Lynn Johnson to confirm the source of the donation, but he declined, saying, “We are in the process of finalizing commitments on a leadership gift” for Sherman Field and it would be announced in a few weeks.
I’m also hearing certain city officials have been hitting up the construction companies for campaign donations. Since the construction companies aren’t supposed to contact members of the selection team, let’s hope members of the selection team are playing by the same rules.

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