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October 1, 2010


Breslow price tag just keeps growing

by Deena Winter

The news today that the city is looking at a new site for the Breslow Ice Center wasn’t as surprising to me as the apparently new price tag.
The Journal Star says the two-rink ice facility could cost $20 million to $24 million. I swear, every time I wrote about the ice center, its cost ballooned.
When the project was announced three years ago, the cost was pegged at $11 million to $13 million.
By the time the arena project was on the ballot — and ice enthusiasts were plugging the ice center in April to help attract votes — the price was now said to be “up to $18 million.”
The ice center, which was originally projected to open early this year, is now said to cost up to $24 million, according to this story.
That’s a 118 percent increase. Fortunately, most of the money is supposed to be raised via fundraisers. Still, let’s hope all the arena projections don’t go up this much.
Arena project manager Dan Marvin said he doesn’t really deal with Breslow, and deferred questions to either the architect, DLR of Omaha, or parks director. Still waiting for a reply from Parks Director Lynn Johnson.

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  1. Roger Yant
    Oct 1 2010

    Thanks for the heads up on the ice rink Deena. It does not surprise me a bit that the cost is going up. Wait till the arena gets going, I predict that will be somewhere between $400 to $500 million. The voters are getting what they voted on, politicians who will bankrupt the people to make themselves look good. What me worry? We can just raise the taxes a little more, that is how they look at it. It has to stop somewhere, maybe those that voted for all this stuff can pay for it themselves and not bother the rest of us.


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