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Dirt moving east of Wilderness Hills

Anderson Ford has begun moving dirt to make way for a new sales and service facility straight east of the Wilderness Hills commercial area.
Now the question is, when is something going to start happening at Wilderness Hills itself? (You know that largely-idle shopping area south of Williamson Honda?)
If anybody knows what’s up there, drop me a line.


City using smaller buses

I thought the city buses whizzing by my house every day were shrinking.

Every once in awhile, one of those small Handi-Van size buses has been going by instead if the regular, huge StarTran buses that can barely squeeze through my neighborhood — especially if someone is dumb enough to park on the no-parking south side of the street.

But I digress.

StarTran head Larry Worth tells me indeed, the city has begun to use small “light duty” buses for the StarTran shuttle and other routes “with levels of ridership that can be accommodated by the smaller vehicles.”

In other words, little-used routes. Indeed, on the buses that go by my house, you can often see buses go by without a single person on them. And city council members have occasionally lobbied StarTran to use smaller buses, usually to no avail.

Worth said federal stimulus dollars were used to buy 10 new hybrid HandiVans and three small 17-passenger light-duty hybrid buses, as well as 13 30-foot biodiesel buses.

So those who’ve lobbied the city to use smaller buses are finally getting their wish. However, the big buses still run during busy times of the day on my route, so it’s a partial victory, but progress.

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