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October 11, 2010


City using smaller buses

by Deena Winter

I thought the city buses whizzing by my house every day were shrinking.

Every once in awhile, one of those small Handi-Van size buses has been going by instead if the regular, huge StarTran buses that can barely squeeze through my neighborhood — especially if someone is dumb enough to park on the no-parking south side of the street.

But I digress.

StarTran head Larry Worth tells me indeed, the city has begun to use small “light duty” buses for the StarTran shuttle and other routes “with levels of ridership that can be accommodated by the smaller vehicles.”

In other words, little-used routes. Indeed, on the buses that go by my house, you can often see buses go by without a single person on them. And city council members have occasionally lobbied StarTran to use smaller buses, usually to no avail.

Worth said federal stimulus dollars were used to buy 10 new hybrid HandiVans and three small 17-passenger light-duty hybrid buses, as well as 13 30-foot biodiesel buses.

So those who’ve lobbied the city to use smaller buses are finally getting their wish. However, the big buses still run during busy times of the day on my route, so it’s a partial victory, but progress.

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  1. Jane H Kinsey
    Oct 11 2010

    Finally. We citizens have only been complaining for 10 years about this. Better later than never, I guess.

  2. sharon kromarek
    Oct 11 2010

    How interesting, a similar complaint was in our “Letters to The Editor” ‘ section a few weeks back (about the buses running around empty and at times almost, it was even suggested that that is why the windows are darker so– so you can’t see how empty they are, I”ve noticed several new buses in our little city of Bismarck, ND too, must be stimulus money!!

  3. Oct 12 2010

    Hey Ma Kromarek… yes I’m sure it is stimulus money… there was a lot of stimulus money available for transportation projects; Lincoln got like $3 million. As for the tinted windows… they say the same thing here! I imagine their real purpose might be to keep the buses cool inside though…


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