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October 20, 2010


Arena money flowing… here’s where

by Deena Winter

Took a look at some of the arena documents available online to the public, and here are a few nuggets I found interesting:
• Last month Gilmore & Bell, a public finance law firm, was paid $300,000 for its work on the arena bond issues. That’s the firm Lincoln’s bond counsel, Lauren Wismer, works for.
• Ameritas Investment Corp. was paid $150,000 last month. Ameritas contributed at least $12,700 to the pro-arena campaign before the May election, where voters approved the $340 million project.
• They’ve budgeted $15,500 for furniture, fixtures and data processing equipment for the city employees working on the arena project.
• The joint public agency will pay the Thought District $23,000 to set up a website and Facebook site to track development of the arena project. The Facebook portion alone will cost $1,500 (any teenager could set that up for nothing!) According to the Thought District’s project overview, “By providing an up-to-date, transparent view of the project, the website will inform the public, curb negative sentiment, and excite supporters of the arena.”

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  1. ej
    Oct 21 2010

    Any teenager can set up a blog on wordpress, too. Writing content that people want to read, I suspect you know, Deena, is another story, not to mention providing content that accomplishes the outlined strategic objectives.

    I’m guessing the $$ approved go toward more than simply setting up the website and Facebook page. Most likely, the cost includes content development, site updates and ongoing maintenance over a set period of time. $23,000 and $1,500 seem reasonable, and, depending on the quality of the website and its functionality and features, downright cheap.


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