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October 20, 2010


Sleeping giant awakened?

by Deena Winter

What are the odds of that?
One day after my post about how local preservationists seem to largely slumber, the front page of the LJS features a story about the Preservation Association of Lincoln’s top 11 list of endangered buildings. Normally, I think of endangered buildings as buildings still standing, but the list contained some that have already been torn down. To wit: the Bison Books warehouse has already been torn down, but there it is on the list. Endangered? No, gone.
The point is, the preservation association needs to get out in front of these demolition projects if it is to be effective. If you want to save Bison Books, you go down to city hall and testify before the City Council before they approve a TIF agreement that calls for its demolition (for example), not after the fact.
Publishing a top 11 list of endangered buildings — including some that are already gone — seems a bit late at this point. Wake up, preservationists!

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  1. scottw
    Oct 20 2010

    The Bison Book warehouse was demolished a couple of weeks ago. It was leveled just in time to be used for parking for the Texas game.

    UNL was in a hurry to close their warehouse and out-source the jobs so they could get started on the Sheldon annex. I’ve heard that the private funding for this has dried up and the project is on hold, Have you heard anything?

  2. Oct 20 2010

    I thought they demolished Bison Books a year ago, Scott?
    No, I haven’t heard anything about private funding for the Sheldon annex, but then, I’m just a lowly blogger!

  3. Roger Yant
    Oct 22 2010

    Yes it’s gone, the University wants, and the Unversity gets.


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