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October 25, 2010


Raybould mounts aggressive campaign

by Deena Winter

Jane Raybould is really going after Ray Stevens’ seat on the Lancaster County Board. I live in this hotly contested district, and Raybould is trying to unseat Stevens by highlighting the two most controversial things the County Board did in recent years.
And that’s saying something, because the County Board rarely makes headlines.
She’s sending out fliers saying the board sold a $10 million asset (Lancaster Manor) for $2.6 million.
“What have we done to our most vulnerable Lancaster County residents?”
And she’s blasting the board for building a new jail even though voters rejected a $65 million jail bond proposal in 2008. She neglects to mention that the board made it clear it was going to build a new jail either way, but, hey, it’s campaign season!
She’s even going after the board for not inviting the public to “Thursday executive meetings” — however, those meetings are open to the public unless the board is discussing an issue that is exempt from the open meetings law. For example, personnel issues or real estate purchases — which is the reason some of those Lancaster Manor meetings were closed.
So the flier is inaccurate.
The black cover of the flier is ominous, and says, “You didn’t get your say on the sale of Lancaster Manor. You didn’t get your say on the jail, even after you voted it down. You aren’t invited to the ‘Thursday Executive Meetings,’ where all major decisions are made behind closed doors. The Lancaster County Board has been operating behind closed doors for far too long.”
I don’t think the County Board really operates behind closed doors so much as local media just don’t pay much attention to them. But these are such hot button issues, and Raybould is hitting them hard, so it might be a race to watch.

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  1. John Doe
    Oct 26 2010

    I agree that Raybould is running an aggressive campaign, but not a dishonest or dirty one. Your claim that media is allowed on the Thurday Exec meetings if false, they may have been allowed from time to time but if you would have tried getting in during the Manor would not have gotten in.

    Youtube search “Ray Stevens Tall Tales about Lancaster Manor” and you will see a Tea Party video of Stevens telling some outrageous lies. Raybould’s campaign isn’t using this.

    Also, read the Octoberr 20, 2009 county board meeting notes page 8 where AFSCME President Kim Kaspar confronts Ray and he admits that the law firm that represented Hunter Management was where his brother-in-law Dick Myers works.

    There is a lot of stuff Raybould should be going after Stevens for and has decided not to.

  2. Karen Stevens
    Oct 27 2010

    Deena, I am delighted to see your comments about a recent Raybould campaign mailing. I’ve been screaming “foul” ever since I saw the mailer Friday. Raybould has grossly misrepresented the facts about the Manor, jail and Board meetings. You are absolutely correct….all Thursday meetings of the County Board are open to the public. As a reporter, I think you nailed why so few attend. Because most of the meeting is comprised of staff reports and preparations for the Tuesday meeting, reporters and public aren’t interested in attending. All County Board decisions are made during public meetings with a recorded voice vote. PERIOD. Raybould’s disregard for the truth extends much further….dig a littler deeper to see how she misrepresented the concessions to the Manor when actually the Board was setting up provisiions to protect the future for workers and residents. Her literature represents the words of a desperate candidate. Please proceed with your fact checking. from the Commissioner’s wife

  3. John Doe
    Oct 28 2010

    Karen, the fact is your husband worked in secret to sold a county asset that was appraised at $10 million to an out-of-state company and in the end only $2.6 million was left. That’s the fact jack! Spin it however you’d like, but in the end all we’re left with is $2.6 million and your spin.

    Journal Star reporters tried to get into the Thursday Exec Meetings while the Manor proceedings were taking place and they weren’t allowed in. Maybe that’s one of the reasons the Journal Star endorsed Dave Heineman, Jeff Fortenberry, Joe Kelly, and EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN INCUMBENT EXCEPT RAY STEVENS.

    Do a google search of Eric Rothner or Avi Rothner or Hunter Management and you can see the history of abuse, neglect, and medical malpractice. These people have been fined something like $880,000 and several Rothner family members have criminal indictments against them. Who are these snakes that your husband has brought into this community? Also, is Dick Myers your brother? Why was Ray Stevens’ brother-in-law’s law firm representing Hunter Management in the sale of the Manor, here’s where Ray admits it…

    Here’s a quote from Larry Hudkins when he refused to sign the “Manor Fact Sheet” because he thought it wasn’t factual ““You may have
    met the letter of the law with your carefully crafted scheme to sell Lancaster Manor, but
    in doing so you have eroded the trust and confidence in the County Board”

    Finally, check out this link that the Tea Party is going after your husband for, where he claims that Hunter Management is a Nebraska corporation and how he makes an extraordinanry leap in logic as to how they can lay off an entire housekeeping and laundry department and that some how counts as jobs created.

    Bye Bye Ray!!


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