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Who’s running against Beutler?

Since Tuesday’s election is going to be such a snoozer locally, is it too early to begin speculating as to who might run against Mayor Chris Beutler in the spring municipal election? Not at all.
As one political consultant told me about a month ago, any viable candidates should have their ducks in a row NOW.
So… based on some of the names I’ve heard thrown around as prospective candidates, what do you think? Let’s vote:

By the way, Mach told me a long time ago (the first time I heard his name bandied about) that he’s not running; Camp and Spatz won’t say if they’re running, and Foley has said he’s not interested. I’ve also heard people talk about Tony Fulton, but another reporter asked him about it some time ago and he said no.
And since the “other” nominations don’t show up when you look at the results, I’ll tell you who they are so far: Patte Newman, Deena Winter and Shawn Traudt. If Patte decides to run I’ll be her lieutenant… but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t run for mayor for a million dollars!

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