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November 1, 2010

Spatz is the winner (so far)!

by Deena Winter

So far in our very unscientific poll, Councilman John Spatz is your favorite to run against Beutler next year.
(And yes, the poll does guard against repeat voters, just in case you were wondering!) I’m surprised he got more votes than veteran Councilman Jon Camp, but I’m even more surprised at the number of write-in votes former Councilwoman Patte Newman is getting! I’m just curious what would possess Newman to a) get back into politics and b) run against a fellow Democrat, Beutler. But Patte is obviously popular with my readers, so she might want to think about coming back to city hall some day!
Coby Mach is in second place — which doesn’t really surprise me but he left no doors open to running when I asked him about it months ago. Usually if they want to leave open the possibility, they say something like, “I have no plans to run.” But he flat-out said, “I am not running.”
I will leave the poll open for a week. In the meantime, I’d like to hear thoughts on whether anyone thinks Beutler is beatable…

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