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Who should run for the U.S. Senate in 2012?

Gov. Dave Heineman’s announcement Thursday that he will not run for the U.S. Senate in 2012 took me back to a similar situation in North Dakota a few years ago.
Everybody was bugging Gov. Ed Schafer to run for the Senate, to take on Byron Dorgan. He had a good shot at winning. But Schafer explained to me that he’s an administrator, a leader, a governor. Being a governor and being a senator are two very different roles, and he knew he wouldn’t be good at just being one of 100 senators vying to accomplish something.
So now that Heineman has bowed out of the race, the field is wide open for other Republican contenders. (Everyone seems to be assuming Sen. Ben Nelson will run again — but I wouldn’t bet on it.)
Everyone assumes Attorney General Jon Bruning will run (yep! he’s running), but who SHOULD run? Let’s take a poll:

So far, “other” is the most popular option. Write-in votes have gone to Tom Osborne, Tony Raimondo, “Almost anyone else,” Deena Winter, “Someone who WON’T turn into a politician,” Langemeier, John Spatz, Doug Emery, Deanne Curran, “None of these are good” and JB Millken (sic).

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