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November 12, 2010


Your choice for U.S. Senate? “Other”

by Deena Winter

Looks like the readers of this blog aren’t too excited about ANY of the people being talked about as GOP candidates for the U.S. Senate in 2012.
“Other” won the poll with 45 percent of the votes, clobbering Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, who garnered just 21 percent of votes, followed by State Auditor Mike Foley, with 17 percent of votes, U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry with 10 percent and U.S. Rep. Lee Terry with 7 percent.
The “other” names written in were Tom Osborne, Tony Raimondo, “Almost anyone else,” Deena Winter, “Someone who WON’T turn into a politician,” Langemeier, John Spatz, Doug Emery, Deanne Curran, “None of these are good” and JB Milliken.
Far from scientific, this poll indicates little enthusiasm for any of the candidates at this point. So if Sen. Ben Nelson runs again, maybe he’ll generate more excitement than these Republicans.

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  1. Roger Yant
    Nov 12 2010

    Deena, people are tired of politicians who promise you one thing and don’t’ follow through. It’s frightening for some people who would like to run, the process has gotten so personal and dirty, it’s not about what that person wants to do to make this country, state or city better, it’s the politics of personal destruction. Example, the race for county attorney Boucher vs Kelley. I had the opportunity to meet Rick Boucher early on during the primaries, and asked him a number of things about his conservative beliefs and liked his answers. Told him to put signs in my yard, he did and till the general election my wife and I were going to vote for him, but about a week before the election, we heard an ad for Boucher for At. General, he was speaking, and the last thing in his ad was, Kelly had a DWI. Right then my wife and I looked at each other and said, take those signs out of the yard, she did that the minute we got home. This is what we don’t like about politics. That comment was not needed, run on your merits and what you can do for the county, not take personal swipes at your opponent. I’m afraid that things such as this are keeping many good people out of politics. I will not vote for someone that stoops that low. Keep it up Deena, your doing a good job. All those names above, I’m sure are very nice people, Foley it the only one I see doing a job that is actually gotten a job done, he is not political about what he does, he is protecting the peoples money by doing these audits, not caring who or what party it effects.

  2. Tom Glaser
    Nov 12 2010

    Roger, I agree with your assessment of politics. We need to get someone like you elected. Have you ever considered running for Mayor this spring?

  3. Deb Kuwamoto
    Nov 12 2010

    I guess I have to say, no one can control other’s personal opinions, nor would I want to. I just wish that people would take the time to think and research things, instead of jumping on a bandwagon, and not consider the other side. Civics classes? Yes. More education regarding public service? Yes. Less time listening to talking heads, negative ads, and/or “opinions” of talking heads? Yes. But that’s being idealistic. We can bash politicians, either left or right, but the bottom line is that the electorate votes these people in. I truly believe that ignorance is bliss. It’s much easier to gripe about things than to try to do anything about it and/or elect people and THEN bash them. That’s just human nature. I’m not a fan of many politicians, but since their name is out there, many people just vote for them because “they’ve heard of them”. Why is that? Well, follow the money. The political machine isn’t stupid. Bottom line, where does the fault lie when bureaucrats are elected? Them, or us?


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