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November 16, 2010


Camp’s going to run. There, I said it.

by Deena Winter

The Journal Star says no Republicans have stepped forward to challenge Mayor Chris Beutler in the spring election.
But I fully expect Councilman Jon Camp to be the one to take on Beutler this time around. Oh, sure, Councilman John Spatz has allowed speculation about his possible candidacy, but in the end, I don’t believe Spatz will do it.
He has not distinguished himself from Beutler on any major issues that I can recall.
Camp, on the other hand, has waited for this chance for a long time. He wanted to run against Coleen Seng, but stepped aside to allow his colleague Glenn Friendt to take what was believed to be a sure shot, and fail.
He wanted to run against Beutler, too, but stepped aside to allow his colleague Ken Svoboda to take a shot, and fail.
I don’t think Camp will step aside for anyone this time — much less a junior councilman like Spatz.
During his time on the council, Camp has been the mayor’s (pick a mayor, any mayor) chief adversary — asking questions, nitpicking details and hounding the fire department and ambulance service at every opportunity. Beutler has tamed Camp a bit, but there is still a tiger inside, waiting to pounce on Beutler in a brawl.
The only reason Camp may hesitate is he’d have to give up his council seat, which is also up for election in the spring. But I don’t think Camp can resist the temptation to take on Beutler.
The others will have to step aside this time.

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  1. Nov 16 2010

    I know that the Democrats are scared to death of Jon Camp. Nationally the Democratic brand name is not doing well and Jon Camp is a very popular city councilman.

    • Ed Patterson
      Nov 23 2010

      • The principal asset of Lincoln, from the perspective of a statist, is that there are typically many layers of government between the private sector generating the wealth and

      o payrolls for many of Lincoln’s better paying jobs, or
      o checks in the mail not associated with any job,

      received by many Lincolnites. Furthermore the preponderance of government control fairly effectively thwarts development of popular movements to roll back government, or share the burdens of government across a larger and more influential private sector economy. Safely ensconced in this niche is career politician, in fact probably the most well educated and broadly experience man in the area capable of playing the role, Democratic Party Mayor Chris Beutler.

      • The principal failing of Lincoln, … from the point of view of a property tax paying, sustainable smart growth, conservative limited government advocate, … is all of the above. LOL

      Councilman Camp has not only talked the talk, but walked the walk, since he was a young man. He in turn is probably the most well educated and broadly experienced man in the area capable of guiding a private sector resurgence based on something more than just another mile deep ring of bedroom suburbs for government financed jobs moving up and out to new easy money, fractional reserve banking mortgages, from older neighborhoods in the donut hole.

      In a town that had already run off Western Electric, IBM, SRI Gallop, and most of Goodyear, before Colleen Seng ran for Mayor, this would have been a tough row to hoe, if he had run against her then and won.

      But since then Lincoln taxpayers have additionally come to be supporting bonded indebtedness for the Antelope Valley and West Haymarket Arena Projects, both primarily architected as government sector owned and operated space, and still relatively little or no significant progress on the private sector payroll.

      o Dell’s acquisition of Perot Systems, basically shipped out the higher paying jobs to India, even as it was effectively sucking in the TIF money, passed down from Perot.

      o Verizon, seems to have shipped call center jobs out of NY, into Lincoln, but most likely is playing follow the leader behind Dell. In any event, college town that we are, we have never lacked for call center/drug test volunteers/plasma center volunteers.

      It would take the equivalent of a defensive line made of all clones of Ndamukong Suh to make a dent in damage to the private sector that has been wrought since WWII in Lincoln.

      Councilman Camp is one of the few with the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to appreciate the task that lies beyond ideological posturing. If he wants to take it on, more power to him.

  2. John Doe
    Nov 16 2010

    All would not be lost if Jon Camp ran for Mayor and lost, he could easily run at large in 2 short years.


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