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November 21, 2010


Loss of State Fair didn’t hurt Lincoln coffers

by Deena Winter

This was the first year Lincoln did not host the Nebraska State Fair — but you wouldn’t know it by looking at amount of sales tax revenue flowing into city coffers.
Despite all those dire predictions that the loss of the State Fair would hurt Lincoln’s economy, the amount of sales tax revenue raked in by the city in August and September — when the State Fair was being held in Grand Island for the first time — actually went up during each of those months. In August, city sales tax revenue was up nearly 6 percent over the prior year, when the State Fair was still in Lincoln. And in September, revenue was up 2.4 percent.
Which makes it appear as though the State Fair doesn’t have nearly the economic impact on a city as some people might think.
In fact, sales tax revenue — and this should be good news for the state, since Lincoln is a big part of the engine driving the state economy — is rolling in quite nicely so far this fiscal year. The money is coming in nearly 4 percent higher than the city predicted — good news for the city budget. Let’s hope the trend continues.

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  1. Roger Yant
    Nov 21 2010

    Maybe the taxes were up those months, and yes it is great our economy is doing good. But maybe it would have been up much more with the fair here. Projections are just that, they have no Idea how much better it could have been if fair was still here. I have talked to many small business owners who get a big boost during state fair time, but this year was flat, nothing like in the past. They can paint everything as rosy as they want, but is does hurt our local economy.

  2. Reality Check
    Nov 21 2010

    Roger, if you think that a few blue ribbon pigs and a few turkey legs for a couple weeks out of the year is going to make a bigger economic impact than Fortune 500 companies setting up research facilities and partnering with the University of Nebraska for EVERY week of the year you are as crazy as they say.

    • Jane H Kinsey
      Nov 22 2010

      Reality Check, get real. The research facility in Triangle Park, NC which NU is copying, thanks to Milliken, has been in operation for 15 years and has not had an impact yet. When it will is anyone’s guess. If the prestigious Big Three Universities, U of NC, Duke and North Carolina State. can’t be successful in drawing tenants how will little ole Cornhuskerville do it? It won’t.

      • Reality Check
        Nov 22 2010

        Oh snap!! Check out the wikipedia article.

        Here are the companies operating in or near the Triangle Park…

        American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC)
        AF & Associates, Inc.
        Audio Advice, Inc.
        Aviat Networks
        Becton Dickinson
        Biogen Idec
        BioResource International
        Böwe Bell & Howell
        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
        Cisco Systems
        Coleman Insights
        Credit Suisse
        Cree Inc.
        DunnWell, LLC
        Eisai Co.
        Environmental Protection Agency
        Extreme Networks
        Family Health International
        Fidelity Investments
        General Electric
        Geotek Mapping
        Hatteras Networks
        International Business Machines (IBM)
        ICF International
        International Society of Automation (ISA)
        Integrated Laboratory Systems
        International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
        Intersouth Ventures
        Kendle International
        K&L Gates
        MED-EL Corporation
        Merck & Co.
        Monsanto Company
        National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
        National Humanities Center
        National Semiconductor
        Nortel Networks
        North Carolina Biotechnology Center
        Overture Networks
        PBM Graphics
        Pharmaceutical Product Development
        Premier Research Group
        RadarFind Corporation
        Red Hat
        Research Triangle Institute
        RTI International
        S&R Communications Group
        SAS Institute
        Scenera Research
        Semiconductor Research Corporation
        Sigma Xi
        Sony Ericsson
        Southern Capitol Ventures
        Spirent Communications
        ST Ericsson
        Talecris Biotherapeutics
        Teleflex Medical
        TechZoomIn Inc
        Triangle United Way
        Troxler Electronic Laboratories
        Underwriters Laboratories
        United States Forest Service
        United Therapeutics Corporation
        Unithink Inc
        Web Tax Office

        The IBM facility employs 11,000 people.

        ‘not had an impact yet’ says Jane Kinsey.

  3. Reality Check
    Nov 22 2010


    Do you have any data to back that up or are you just pontificating like usual?

    Deena, considering the people you have blogging on here have you ever considered changing the name of your blog to ‘Shutter Island’?

    • ej
      Nov 22 2010

      Yes, Jane, “has not had an impact yet,” is a pretty bold statement. I’d also be interested in seeing some supporting evidence on that one.

  4. Reality Check
    Nov 22 2010

    Jane, please check out a list of the companies associated with Research Triangle Park, and please explain to me how all of these corporations moving to the area could have no economic impact

    Click to access 2008_rtp_map_alpha_081408.pdf

    Oh snap!!

    • ej
      Nov 23 2010

      Looks to me like the biggest problem with Research Triangle Park is that they’re running out of space.

  5. Roger Yant
    Nov 23 2010

    Reality check, it’s not just about the 10 days of the state fair, it about the many uses that state fair park had going on the other 355 days of the year that brought in money. Another thing, Innovation Park could have been built an many other spots in town not just here. Another thing, people who are afraid to use their own name really don’t have any reason to pontificate, if you are afraid to use real name then you are not willing to stand behind your statements, Jane and I always use our real names and can and are willing to stand behind our quotes and statements.On Innovation Park, there were about a half dozen other spots it could have gone in town and still kept the fair here, heck they are going to use only 80 acres of the park and sell off the rest for private development. The park could have been shared if people would have set down and talked. Reality check, your words are meaningless, use your real name not a non-de-plum! One more thing to Reality, put your money where your mouth is, run for office, Jane and I have, why, because we really do care about Lincoln and want to put it back in the hands of the people, not the university and the many lobbyists that now run it.

  6. Reality Check
    Nov 23 2010

    Roger, there is no place in Lincoln that is close enough to the University except the fairgrounds for Innovation Campus. Move the state fair outside of town if you want. I don’t know of one person who really missed the fair, I did however talk to some farmers from Phelps county who were glad they didn’t need to haul their cattle around in the city of Lincoln. You are NOT A CITY PLANNER and have no vision for the future. I could care less if you don’t like me posting anonymously. You’re just a weird guy who runs for office. When I googled your name the first thing that came up is “Is Yant a yahoo?” You started running claiming to be a Republican, but the Republican party doesn’t even support you.

  7. Roger Yant
    Nov 23 2010

    Mr no name and no talent. What have you tried to do for the city in your life time?
    I left the Republican party because they just continue to spend our money like the democrats, a little slower, but spend it they do. I know you’re a democrat or liberal, you know why? Democrats & liberals can not carry on a conversation with out calling people names, they have no ideas, just spend, build, waste money and spend some more. You mock people who have tried to make a difference, at least people like me have tried, we may have failed to win, but you call this mayor good? Lets see how much money we can blow in four years. Ya, he is fantastic, he has never held a private sector job, he is a professional government employee, like Obama. Also do some research, there are places to have built the park close to the university.

  8. Lincoln Voter
    Nov 23 2010

    Who is Roger Yant?

  9. Reality Check
    Nov 25 2010

    Roger, let’s be honest. Your run for Mayor wasn’t for the glory of Lincoln, it was for the glory of Roger Yant. You trying to describe your vanity run as some sort of service to our community is laughable. Why don’t you run against Beutler now if he’s soooo bad and you’re such a saint? Do you think the Republicans would refuse to support you again like they did in ’07 if they don’t have a real candidate?

    Also, do you agree with Jane Kinsey that all those companies moving into Research Triangle Park would not have any economic impact?


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