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November 29, 2010


Mayor to propose more loosening of alcohol ban in parks

by Deena Winter

Parks Director Lynn Johnson said proposed ordinance changes loosening up the ban on alcohol in city parks will be proffered to the Lincoln City Council.
The city recently loosened its alcohol-in-parks-ban to allow liquor during fundraisers that benefit park programs in Sunken Gardens, the Hamann Rose Garden, Hazel Abel Park and the Pioneers Park Nature Center. Now, more loosening will be proposed to allow alcohol during some events at Pinewood Bowl, Auld Pavilion (when it’s being rented) and Union Plaza (the city’s Antelope Valley version of Central Park).
Johnson told park board members Mayor Chris Beutler is interested in forwarding the ordinance changes to the City Council early next year.
Loosening up the liquor ban used to be a controversial endeavor in Lincoln, but not so much in recent years. In 1999, a proposal to lift the alcohol ban in parks went down in flames, by unanimous vote.
But the city has loosened up considerably since then, allowing alcohol on golf courses in 2003 and then allowing alcohol to be served at fundraisers at the Children’s Museum the following year.
Often, the amount of interest and controversy over such an issue depends largely on how much play it gets in the local media.

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  1. Roger Yant
    Nov 29 2010

    I say play it by ear. Try some of the posted evernts in article, if it gets out of hand stop it. Lets say wine or beer, not mixed drinks. I’m a non drinker, not thrilled with it, but try it first see what happens.


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