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December 2, 2010


Fortenberry harkens back to City Council days in Esquire

by Deena Winter

Cal Fussman — one of the best journalists out there — has an interview with Jeff Fortenberry in Esquire online. (A shorter version appears in print.) He actually got Fortenberry to say some interesting stuff. Like this: “I used to be on the Lincoln City Council. You learn that there’s never enough money for all of the police officers and fire-fighting apparatus you’d like to have. There’s never enough money to manicure the parks as perfectly as you’d like to see them. So you have to make decisions: What are reasonable fees and taxations, and what are the reasonable services to be delivered to your people? In Nebraska, we have to balance our books. That’s a good lesson for America.”

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  1. Matt Platte
    Dec 2 2010

    services to be delivered to your people?

    I’d like to see the pie chart that shows what percentage of Fort’s life has been spent in Louisiana, Nebraska and the ever-increasing Washington slice.


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