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December 3, 2010


Esquire names Ben Nelson one of 10 worst in Congress

by Deena Winter

Esquire recently named Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson one of the 10 Worst members of Congress list, calling him “the most obstreperous Democrat in the Senate.”

U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson

He is listed right above Rep. Charlie Rangel. Ouch.
Esquire notes that after Nelson “maneuvered for a sweet deal for his home state to have its mandated expansion of Medicaid paid for by the federal government permanently in order to get his vote for health-care reform” (aka the Cornhusker Kickback) he was “stunned to find out that every last person in his home state was horribly embarrassed by his deal.”
Nobody says it better than Esquire, so I won’t even try. Read it here.

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  1. Nelson Supporter
    Dec 3 2010

    Ben Nelson is the last real Maverick in the Senate. Now that Chuck Hagel is gone and John McCain has been neutered by the Tea Party, Nelson is the only Senator with the guts to stand up to his own party and stand up for Nebraskans.

  2. Fletch
    Dec 3 2010

    Nelson Supporter, please. Nelson’s career here is done. If he’s smart, he’ll take the Chuck Hagel easy-way-out and not run for re-election, just so he doesn’t have to own up to a loss on his resume.

  3. Good Swimmer
    Dec 3 2010

    The majority of citizens should be glad the pond is shallow otherwise they would all drown. They form their opinions on stories, not news, but tabloid stories that at best only contain half the real story. For the most part their stories are half truths, partial information, or omitted important facts–as good as lying in my book.

    Has anyone taken the opportunity to actually ask Senator Nelson who, why, when, and how the exemption was included in the bill? I think you would be surprised with the facts. You probably would not change your opinion-nobody ever wants to be wrong, let alone flip-flop.

    It is no wonder that the Chinese are (have) taken over the world economy. While we snap each other with rolled up towels, fuss about the BCS, talk about sustainability over FIGI water, they are educating their youth by investing in doctoral education. The Chinese educating their people will allow them to become the inventors and the producers. Will we wake up in time to stay competitive? Not until it becomes an emergency!

    I hope we finally learn to swim someday soon, life is more interesting and productive in deeper water.


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