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Libertarians fired up over Lincoln crossbow incident

You may remember some local news coverage of a guy allegedly shooting a crossbow in his yard who got into an altercation with police outside of his mobile home.
After the incident, 32-year-old Gary Grana was arrested for third degree assault on an officer, refusing to comply, resisting arrest and unlawful discharge of a weapon in city limits. (Disregard the headline on the Youtube video; their words, not mine.)
The LA County Libertarian Examiner (whatever that is; it looks to me like of LA allows independent reporters on its site) jumped on the story Dec. 23. They reported on the incident, including a 20-minute video allegedly filmed by the suspect’s wife, which they said began with “footage of her front porch with officers piled on top of her husband.”
The video was going viral — until it was yanked from youtube and replaced by the words “this video has been removed by the user. Sorry about that.” But not before it was discussed on the website and, a high traffic website promoting libertarianism and exposing government corruption, reddit and FreeTalkLive. The video was featured on on the 24th.
One of my readers has asked me to look into this. I’ll put in a request with the police chief, but I don’t know if he’ll respond. Anyway, read all about the coverage here.

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