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December 31, 2010


It’s finally here: the Arena website

by Deena Winter

The West Haymarket arena project finally has its own website — aside from the one the city had been maintaining. Click here to see it.
You’re paying for it, so what do you think? The board that is handling financing and construction of the arena bought it — along with this Facebook page — for $24,000. They were created by the Thought District, a Lincoln company.
I teased them a bit for budgeting like $1,500 just for the Facebook page, but I guess somebody has to keep that baby updated, so that’s probably not so bad.
I think it looks nice and professional (as opposed to the old site) but it really doesn’t have much more than the Lincoln Journal Star already had on its site (much of which I gave them to put there). The LJS had pretty much all of those same documents and maps and so on in the months leading up to the spring election.
But they should be there. However, even though they say the website’s purpose is to ensure the project’s transparency, clearly it’s a marketing tool — the latest rendition of the YES campaign’s work. They even used the same green YES campaign style.
Then again, what sense would there be in the city spending money to foment more debate over whether to build the arena? That ship has sailed.
As an aside, even though the arena won’t open until 2013, the concert industry is slipping now, according to this Wall Street Journal article.

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  1. CS
    Dec 31 2010

    I usually like your savvy and that you are on top of things, but I think you need to pull back from (what seems to me to be) the little side jabs at the LJS. I know you worked there forever and i liked your work there. You left amicably from what I can put together from your blog. Is it necessary to add things like “..Much of which I gave to them to put there…” or other comments that you have made in previous posts RE: your time at the LJS? We already know you are a good reporter, that’s why we come here, but when you say things like the above it seems like you harbor some lingering negativity towards your former employer and its more difficult to take you seriously. *shrug* That said, I read you blog every few days, and have a subscription to the emails about new posts. Being an independent blogger/reporter doesn’t mean you have to be Sam Spade sarcastic.

  2. Dec 31 2010

    I guess I didn’t consider my aside about having provided most of that arena content as a “jab” at LJS, it’s just a fact. But you’re right, I do harbor some “lingering negativity” toward them, and I need to let it go. I resolve to do that in 2011.

  3. Mauberly
    Jan 1 2011

    Statement One, About this Website: “HaymarketNOW! was created by the West Haymarket Joint Public Agency (JPA) as a way to inform and educate Nebraskans about the West Haymarket Redevelopment Project. The purpose of the website is to create and maintain transparency over the course of the entire redevelopment project.”

    Statement Two: “However, even though they say the website’s purpose is to ensure the project’s transparency, clearly it’s a marketing tool — the latest rendition of the YES campaign’s work.”

    Marketing is persuasion, it is not “inform and educate”-ing. The purpose of the website is to persuade us that allocating significant resources to provide a venue for traveling music shows isn’t a significant blunder. In this light $1500 for setting up a Facebook page looks like a steal. And a drop in the bucket.

  4. Andrew B
    Jan 3 2011

    How come they never show a drawing of this stadium in the late afternoon, showing how its shadow is going to obliterate one of my favorite elements of the Haymarket, which are the sunsets in spring and summer? That calm, socially beneficial slow orange-yellow descent over town. That west part of the haymarket, from all these drawings, makes it appear that the stadium is going to cast a huge shadow.


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