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January 3, 2011


What really happened with T Magic & Bo

by Deena Winter

Again, the Los Angeles Times gets the scoop on what went down during the game where Bo Pelini screamed at him and jabbed him in the chest. At least according to Taylor Martinez’s dad, who gave an interview to the Times. Read it here.

Cornhuskers quarterback Taylor Martinez. Bruce Thorson

Here’s the key paragraph: Martinez had sustained a leg injury in the first quarter of that game, and Casey was concerned enough that he tried to call members of the team’s medical staff to check on his son’s status. When no one picked up, he then tried Taylor, who returned the call — to assure his father he was OK — while still in the locker room. The call constituted a violation of team rules, and when word of that conversation got back to Pelini, the coach flipped. Making matters worse, Taylor chose to skip a treatment session the next day after talking the situation over with Casey.
And as a reminder of how tight Taylor and his father, Casey, are, read this older article.

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  1. CS
    Jan 3 2011

    Until his dad has the credentials to be a strength and rehab trainer, perhaps Martinez junior should pay more attention to his trainers, the multi-million dollar medical staff available to them, and his coach, who has most likely seen many more instances of different types of injuries than Casey Martinez has. Martinez senior, being a former college player, should also know how to respect team rules. Why would any other parent think that they could call UNL training staff in the middle of a game to find out how their kid is. They have procedures in place for this, and Martinez senior is no more important as a parent than any other one with a player on the team.


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