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January 5, 2011


City to try to get more cabs at closing time

by Deena Winter

City Councilman John Spatz said the city is working on ways to get more taxi cabs downtown around bar closing time (that’s 2 a.m., old folks).
Spatz said city officials often get complaints about the lack of cabs when the bars close, but it’s difficult for a cab company to hire enough people to meet the demand for just a few hours.
So the council’s liquor subcommittee is working on a way to provide more rides.
“There are solutions from other cities,” Spatz said, and the liquor committee will be unveiling those ideas in the coming months, with public hearings likely in February or March.

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  1. Matt Platte
    Jan 5 2011

    Maybe breaking up the cab monopoly would be a good start for the lawmakers…?

  2. Amethyst
    Jan 6 2011

    This way the drunks can safely get home to die of alcoholism. Lincoln has crossed the line. Alcohol rules.


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