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January 7, 2011


All four Antelope Valley bridges have cracks

by Deena Winter

It turns out the problems with brand new Antelope Valley bridges are more serious than have been portrayed by the city up to now.
A city document indicates all four of the Antelope Valley bridges — spanning O, P, Q and N streets — have evidence of spalling or concrete cracking and falling away.
All of those bridges are new — the oldest one opened in July 2007.
Mayor Chris Beutler went public Thursday with the news that the city had to close bike trails through the Antelope Valley Project area after a piece of concrete fell from the O Street bridge. However, the problem extends beyond just one bridge.
The public works employee who oversees the Antelope Valley Project, Kris Humphrey, said the bridges’ construction and inspection was all done by consultants, although after construction is finished, city employees do a final check. She said final inspections were done for water, wastewater and storm facilities, along with traffic signals and paving.
She also confirmed that the city has had some trouble with Antelope Valley’s pedestrian lights getting water in them. After some of the lights were vandalized, workers discovered water in them and other lights, either from natural condensation in pipes or water getting into them during construction.
Mayor Beutler has said the city will not be paying for the repairs, so who will? According to city documents, Hawkins Construction Co. was the primary contractor for two of the bridges (with multiple subcontractors) and United Contractors, Inc. and Park Construction were the prime contractors on the other two bridges.
The company in charge of both design and engineering for all of the bridges was Parsons Brinckerhoff of New York — one of the world’s largest transportation engineering companies. PB’s design subcontractors were engineering firm Olsson Associates, Erickson Sullivan (which did aesthetics like lights) and HWS Consulting.
PB’s construction subcontractors were Olsson Associates, The Schemmer Associates and HWS.
But Humphrey said it’s too soon to know who is responsible for the cracks under the bridges.
“This is not a black and white issue as there are many firms involved with the design and construction,” she said.

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  1. J. Brown
    Jan 7 2011

    And what a wonderful world this will be.

  2. Paul " Mike" Grieger
    Jan 7 2011

    are any of these engineers and consultants doing any portion of the PEOPLES arena downtown Lincoln,Nebraska.??
    Maybe We should bring in Curt the bridge builder in…He seems to be the only one not involved in the passing around of the tax payers money in the vision 2015 redevelopment of the old malone area.

    • Aaron Weeks - Florida
      Jan 16 2012

      Mike, good to see you are still keeping the politico in Lincoln “in line”……

  3. Tommy Boy
    Jan 7 2011

    Good earmarks gone to waste..thanks Ben. But I am sure more earmarks are just around the corner to fix the problems the first earmarks caused.


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