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January 7, 2011


CBS to feature Irving school’s bullying program Sunday

by Deena Winter

In October, a CBS News crew spent two days filming at Irving Middle School and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for a “CBS Sunday Morning” show about the school’s anti-bullying program.

Now, those staff, students and parents may see themselves on TV Sunday morning, when the show airs at 8 a.m. on channel 11. Irving’s segment is expected to be about 10 to 12 minutes long.

They were interested in a program called Target Bullying Intervention — in which students who are facing disciplinary actions for bullying can choose to go through the program instead. Irving began using the program in 2005.

“We have no idea what actually will be used in this segment but our hope is that we continue to draw national attention to the fact that bullying can happen anywhere and that adults and kids alike need to be constantly vigilant and when they see bullying they need to speak up,” Irving Principal Hugh McDermott said in an email to parents. “We hope our efforts with the unique target bully intervention program here at Irving will illustrate that reducing bullying requires daily prevention and intervention efforts throughout the year.”

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  1. Paul " Mike" Grieger
    Jan 8 2011

    Several years ago, agroup of Irving students circled a tall boy beating a smaller boy.this occured in our country club area.
    I stopped, the smaller boy went to a friends home nearby. I reported the incident to Irving’s Principal . I was told that incident was off school property and not a issue to them. The taller boy ended up in the state’s system. The family moved. I have no idea what happened to the little guy.

  2. Larry Kromarek
    Jan 8 2011

    I would suggest starting each day with a prayer to Jesus for students to be sensitive to others!!!


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