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January 9, 2011


Most important local story in the paper today

by Deena Winter

I mean, aside from all the shooting stories, this story about Steve Kiene’s latest venture is probably the most important one in the paper. Given what Kiene has done in the past, I expect big things from this.
Visit their website here.

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  1. CJ
    Jan 9 2011

    Spectacular! Thanks for the link.

  2. Jane H Kinsey
    Jan 10 2011

    If it works, great. However, lots of ideas have never made any difference in keeping young people here. I have been here since 1969 and the same mantra is true. Lincoln can’t keep many young people here. The salaries and career chances are too low. All amenities in the world are not going to keep people here if the income and career opportunities are not here.

  3. Pat
    Jan 10 2011

    Good for Steve. He could be successful anywhere but stays here because he believes in reinvesting in the community and sees the value of the work force here which he believes in compensating appropriately. Lincoln has a lot to offer young people; reasonably priced housing, fast and easy commutes, and as a bonus a great educational system if they want to raise a family. More employers (and residents alike) need to understand how good we actually have it here with a well rounded and educated workforce, a safe community with lots of amenities and an excellent standard of living.


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