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Suttle survives recall

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle survives the recall effort.

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle

Unless, of course, all those still-uncounted votes should add up to a big surprise.
This would seem to defy all the talk about this wave of anti-union, anti-tax furor sweeping the nation. If he can survive busing homeless people to the election office to vote for him, what can’t he survive?
Read all about it here.


Emery to make it official Thursday

No big surprise here, but Councilman Doug Emery will formally announce plans to run for re-election to his seat on the City Council representing northeast Lincoln at 3 p.m. Thursday at the Engine House Cafe in Havelock.
So far the only other announced candidate for District 1 is Melissa Hilty, who is a Legislative Aide to State Sen. Ken Schilz.
Another possible candidate for the northwest district 4 now represented by John Spatz is still not sure he’s going to jump into the race. Kyle Michaelis — best known as editor of a progressive blog called the New Nebraska Network — still says he is “seriously considering” running.

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