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January 27, 2011


Mayoral candidate’s campaign manager leaves

by Deena Winter

The campaign manager for the Republican candidate for mayor has left the campaign, just over a week after Tammy Buffington announced her campaign.

Tammy Buffington

Andre’ Mick is no longer Buffington’s campaign manager; she left due to differences of opinion as to strategy. Joanne Elliott — who has been involved with the campaign — is now the campaign manager.

Buffington said Mick has agreed to consult for her as needed. She is the only candidate so far who has emerged to challenge Democratic Mayor Chris Beutler.

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  1. Gene
    Jan 28 2011

    Looks like she has Beutler right where she wants him.

  2. John Duhon
    Jan 28 2011

    Wow, Christine O’donnell made it until 6 weeks before the election before her campaign completely collapsed, Tammy isn’t wasting any time. Let the trainwreck ensue.

  3. Roger Yant
    Jan 31 2011

    Way to go John, you cut her down in the first few words. I just want to know John, what have you tried to do to make the community better? Have you run for office? Tammy is a good person, lets not try and trash her. Do you know her John? I doubt it. I have had the chance about a half a dozen times. She is a smart business lady, mother of a son in the Army, and wife. She seems to think Lincoln is going in the wrong direction, as do I. So she is doing something she believes needs to be done. So lets cut the nasty remarks, give her a chance, see what she has to say. I know I will, but I doubt you know how to be civil, most flame throwers don’t know what civility is.

  4. John Duhon
    Jan 31 2011

    Lighten up Roger. You keep asking people what they have ever done for Lincoln. What exactly is it that you’ve done for Lincoln? How have you toiled and sacrificed for our city?

    Please don’t list your 2007 vanity run for Mayor as a sacrifice. Showboating and serving are two very different activities.


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