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January 31, 2011


Councilman Emery says he won’t take money from unions or LIBA

by Deena Winter

Awhile back, Councilman Doug Emery told a talk radio host that if he decided to run again, he wouldn’t take money from unions or LIBA (Lincoln Independent Business Association).

Now that Emery has officially announced his plans to run again for his seat representing District 1, or northeast Lincoln, I asked whether that radio promise still stood. Today he said yes. He won’t be taking money from city employee unions or LIBA.

Of all the special interests and groups that lobby city hall, LIBA and the fire union are probably the biggest dogs in town right now. The firefighters’ union has become the single largest contributor to local campaigns, and LIBA is not far behind.

Emery said he made the pledge because he’s “tired of unfounded allegations” by me “and others” that “donations somehow influenced votes.” He says LIBA gave “some” council members “far more than the unions” and “their influence is not questioned.”

He misses a key point: LIBA isn’t negotiating labor agreements with the city.

This pledge comes on top of his refusal to promise NOT to raise taxes. It took guts to refuse LIBA and fire union contributions; it takes cajones not to do the “read my lips” dance.

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  1. E
    Jan 31 2011

    Even if the “organization” isn’t a named donor, independent business people and firefighters/police officers are or could be. Lincolnites be wary of this political ruse because that’s what it is!!

  2. Frequent Voter
    Jan 31 2011

    Doug Emery is a man of integrity. He has the heart of a public servant and wants the best for Lincoln. Mr. Emery does not subscribe to political ruse.

    • E
      Jan 31 2011

      Man of integrity vs. politician of integrity…really? Can one actually be both? Ha! Let’s wait and see the list of campaign donors. We’ll know it when we see if there are any members of LIBA, the firefighter or police unions (or any other government influential union for that matter) on that list. Not enough people pay attention to the political “tricks of the trade” that make candidates seem more upstanding than they really are and that get them elected to office. Be skeptical and question their intentions. Oh and by the way, politicians are NOT public servants. Look up the definitions of public servant and politician. They’re not the same. Last I checked, Emery is an elected official not a public servant.

  3. Gene
    Feb 1 2011

    “He misses a key point: LIBA isn’t negotiating labor agreements with the city.”
    Do LIBA businesses negotiate a bunch of other kinds of contracts with the city? Probably.

  4. Dale Gribble
    Feb 1 2011

    Now that Emery would be running as an incumbent how much of a sacrifice is it to decline union and Liba donations?

  5. Roberta
    Feb 1 2011

    He’s a party man and will stay that way. Give to the party and they will give to him. It’s a shell game. Has he ever stuck his neck out?


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