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February 1, 2011


Nelson: “Most Disloyal Democrat”?

by Deena Winter

The Daily Beast recently put Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson at the top of its list most-hated Democrats who are “driving liberals mad” with their moderate inclinations.

U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson

The Beast pointed to Nelson’s recent designation as “Most Disloyal Democrat” by CQ Politics, which counted up votes and determined he’d only voted with his party 54 percent of the time on key votes — the lowest of any senator in either party. (Time to switch parties, maybe?). They suggest Nelson is vulnerable to being ousted — or deterred from running again Joe Lieberman-style — by a more progressive person like the dashing young Scott Kleeb.

However, Kleeb made it clear he ain’t about to challenge Nelson, and his wife, Bold Nebraska leader Jane Kleeb, said Nelson isn’t that bad to progressives in Nebraska. He votes correctly on many of the biggest issues, she said.

But I think the Daily Beast is beastly wrong on this, because Nebraska is a far cry from true-blue Connecticut. If Nelson is going to get unseated, it’ll be by an actual Republican, not a more liberal Democrat.

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  1. CJ
    Feb 1 2011

    Nelson is not about to switch parties. As it is, primary season is a cake walk for him. Since there are only four or five other Democrats in the state, he attracts no challenger at that crucial level. Things would be much different if he took his marbles over to the GOP, where primaries tend to be hotly contested. And expensive.

    One-party rule is not bad for everyone in all circumstances!

  2. Ivy Harper
    Feb 1 2011

    I’ve heard that there is a moderate Democrat who plans to run against Senator Nelson in the primary so…the 2012 primary season may not be such a Cornhusker cake walk for him.

  3. Gene
    Feb 2 2011

    What would he have to gain by switching? The Democrats won’t run anyone against him and the Nebraska GOP has no idea how to beat him.

  4. Roberta
    Feb 2 2011

    Maybe we can convince the Mayor to run for that position.


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