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February 14, 2011


Another candidate for airport authority jumps in — via Facebook

by Deena Winter

Travis Moore, a 24-year-old legislative administrative assistant, announced today he is running for the Lincoln Airport Authority.

That makes him the second airport authority to announce via Facebook, a hugely popular social networking website. Michael James also launched his campaign via Facebook earlier this month. Moore is a Republican from Riverdale who says he’s running “because the airport is essential to the economic vitality of Lincoln and enhances the city’s ability to stay competitive in job and tourism markets.”

He cited a study last year that said the Lincoln airport is losing about 900,000 potential passengers a year, mostly to Omaha’s Eppley Airfield, due to scarce flights and high fares.

“I would like to explore the possibilities of increasing the cities that the Lincoln airport provides service to,” he said on his Facebook page. “We should also open dialogue with other airline providers to create a more competitive market.For Lincoln to entice businesses to our city, we must offer access to nationwide transportation that’s fast and affordable.”

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  1. Roberta
    Feb 14 2011

    He should also check into why the City lost Aligent Air to Grand Island.

  2. Roger Yant
    Feb 14 2011

    Travis sounds sharp, and is asking great questions that have been asked for years. I too want to know why we lost Aligent Air to Grand Island. Good luck Travis.

    • ej
      Feb 15 2011

      It’s fairly obvious, IMO, as to why Allegiant left Lincoln for Grand Island. Anyone around Lincoln can drive to Omaha for flights to the places that Allegiant serves (Phoenix/Las Vegas). And they can do so at fares relatively competitive with Allegiant , but with much more favorable scheduling options, i.e. daily flights (Yes. Allegiant only served Lincoln on certain days). It makes less sense for those in the Grand Island market to drive to Omaha. Thus, GI becomes a more favorable option for Allegiant over Lincoln. I’m just surprised Allegiant didn’t figure that out before they entered the Lincoln market.

  3. J.Brown
    Feb 14 2011

    Try to ask about take off and landing fees. Get rid of Wood.

  4. Travis Moore
    Feb 15 2011

    Thanks for the suggestions & know that I will look into them!

    • michaeljames4laa
      Feb 15 2011

      If anybody would like an explanation on Allegiant Air’s business model and their move from LNK to Grand Island please email me. I would be happy to explain it to you.

      Michael James for Airport Authority

  5. Gene
    Feb 15 2011

    This sounds cynical, but where is the promise in “exploring” and asking questions that have been asked for years? There are probably plenty of people out there who have asked those questions and have difficult answers that people in Lincoln aren’t going to like.

  6. Jason Christenson
    Feb 15 2011

    I think Aligent was lost to Grand Island because Grand Island was able to get federal funds to bring them there.

  7. Travis Moore
    Feb 19 2011
  8. carey zwahr
    Aug 21 2011

    They are observed to book full 3-4 months out at a time. often they will not book more than six months out at a time which is relevent by todays date. only airline to do so by industry standards. it is kind of a whale mentality. if they cannot fill their fill then they are gone. Word is they are rethinkling sioux falls. where many passengers commute to omaha also. Southwest is coming to sioux falls in july. wonder why earliest book date is 2/14/2011 less than 6 months out maybe seems like their mouth is opening finally. All other airlines accepting ticketing months ago. They do a good job of servicing phone calls within 5 minutes unless there is a wait. not happy not sad just is.


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