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Beutler: Crime down 21 percent since I took office

During his closing comment at the LIBA mayoral debate Tuesday, Mayor Chris Beutler mentioned that Lincoln’s crime rate has dropped 21 percent since he took office.

That stat surprised me — I just hadn’t heard that before. So I contacted the police chief to get more specifics — was he talking overall crime, violent crime, property crime?

Chief Tom Casady said Beutler was referring to the FBI’s so-called “part one offenses” — the most commonly reported crime data nationwide: murder, forcible rape, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, auto theft and larceny. Those are the ones I’d be most interested in.

You can see the specific data in the police department’s annual reports, right here.

And the FBI annual report of national crime statistics is available here.

Click here to see Casady’s chart of Crime Statistics.


Cure for baldness coming?

I was intrigued by this well-written story (by a friend of a friend of mine) because I have two bald boys at my house: Click on me.


LPS evaluating all programs

One day my daughter came home from school and said her teacher told students that if they cared about Lincoln Public Schools’ focus programs, they should let the school district know because the LPS is analyzing the program’s merits.

I know LPS recently held a public meeting where just seven students showed up to show their support for the district’s focus programs. The paper said the public meetings are just one of 17 methods LPS is employing to come up with ways to improve the school district.

I asked Superintendent Steve Joel whether the district was thinking about getting rid of the focus schools, and here is his response, via e-mail:

The focus programs are currently being analyzed by the our student learning committee. Rather than focus on any specific area of LPS, I think it might be fairer to say that ALL programs are under review.

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