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February 18, 2011


Beutler: Crime down 21 percent since I took office

by Deena Winter

During his closing comment at the LIBA mayoral debate Tuesday, Mayor Chris Beutler mentioned that Lincoln’s crime rate has dropped 21 percent since he took office.

That stat surprised me — I just hadn’t heard that before. So I contacted the police chief to get more specifics — was he talking overall crime, violent crime, property crime?

Chief Tom Casady said Beutler was referring to the FBI’s so-called “part one offenses” — the most commonly reported crime data nationwide: murder, forcible rape, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, auto theft and larceny. Those are the ones I’d be most interested in.

You can see the specific data in the police department’s annual reports, right here.

And the FBI annual report of national crime statistics is available here.

Click here to see Casady’s chart of Crime Statistics.

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  1. PM
    Feb 18 2011

    Thank you Deena for sharing this with us.

  2. Paul Mike Grieger
    Feb 18 2011

    please, summarise like the the Journal star editorial board did on the Mayoral debate.

    I did not read in any ones remarks about the developers of Block 38 being able to buy the north 1/2 of the block for less than 1/10 of what we tax payers paid for it.

    Please inform the man in blue that more money has been “TAKEN ” with the stroke of the Mayors pen than with any gun in Lincoln.Nebraska.

  3. Roberta
    Feb 18 2011

    Yes, like the Mayor had a hand in reducing the crime rate. When did he get a badge and gun?

  4. Gene
    Feb 18 2011

    This is just silly. Several posts and comments about the arena directed at Mayor Beutler, which the people of Lincoln voted for, and one ho-hum post about the city’s crime rate dropping 21%. You know that if the crime rate had risen 21% that the author and commenters would be all over the mayor.


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