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February 24, 2011


Bruning’s first video salvo

by Deena Winter

Compliments of Street Sweeper over at Leavenworth Street, comes news of Attorney General Jon Bruning’s first web video taking a shot at Ben Nelson and the Cornhusker Kickback (of course). What do you think?

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  1. Roger Yant
    Feb 24 2011

    OMG Denna, I laughed my — off. It is very well done. Go John Go!! I can hear the Dems now, what are they doing, this is childish, immature, remove it now. What this ad does is hit the nail on the head!!

  2. CAS
    Feb 24 2011

    “…vowed to make the obvious (read ‘sheeple’) choice.”

  3. Jeffrey Poley
    Feb 24 2011


    If I were on Nelson’s staff, I’d recommend that Ben pay to have this add run as much as possible. It reinforces the impression that Bruning is an adolescent.


  4. Jason Christenson
    Feb 24 2011

    It’s very well done but it might be too long to be effective.

  5. Gary Lacey
    Feb 24 2011

    I hope Jon didn’t pay someone to produce this. Amateurish.

  6. CJ
    Feb 24 2011

    It’s way, way too long and convoluted to be effective. While it may seem funny to Nelson/Obama detractors who already know Nelson’s history with the health care legislation, it’s a Big Fail in terms of the average Joe’s ability to follow the point.

    I’d add the word “sophomoric” to the adjectives your readers have used to describe the ad.

  7. Brad
    Feb 25 2011

    The character is supposed to feel what…shame…from Nelson’s vote? It’s so strange that the character isn’t really identifiable as a viable “voter-type”. Could he even describe what the cornhusker kick-back is?? So many muddy images!


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