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February 24, 2011


The most important story in the paper today

by Deena Winter

… is on page B3, in my opinion.

Gov. Dave Heineman

Talk about burying the lede: The story about Gov. Dave Heineman’s thoughts on the Wisconsin situation vs. the Nebraska CIR situation says in paragraph 10 that if the Legislature doesn’t pass “meaningful reform” of Nebraska’s system for setting public pay this session (which there won’t be), there will be an effort to repeal it (not sure what “it” is) and “it” (not sure what, again) will be put on a statewide ballot for Nebraskans to decide.

I just wish I knew exactly what “it” is that he’s talking about. Abolishing collective bargaining? Kind of an important detail.

I’d just heard this same thing on Tuesday — that nobody expects anything substantive to come out of Sen. Steve Lathrop’s committee, and so there is a movement afoot to put the CIR issue on the ballot. I hadn’t even gotten around to checking out the rumor and now Heineman is confirming it.

I would have put the story on the front page (bump the Miss Nebraska story) and put that news in the lede. There are many unanswered questions though: Who’s involved in this movement? What do they intend to accomplish? Will there be protests here next? (I’m already hearing talk of a rally this weekend.) How far is Heineman planning to go?

This is big news people: Even if it is on page B3.

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  1. May 21 2012

    safety was not an issue. Later Zechariah’s father was chegrad with neglect and finally given a criminal sentence. All of this information is readily available on the Lincoln Journal Star’s website.Why was Zechariah who is the youngest and most vulnerable left in the home? Was there an updated safety assessment and plan for this child? KVC had case management and so what services were in place? Where is the accountability with the extra layer that KVC represents? Of course the dad was found criminally guilty but what about the system? Where is the accountability? Is it with KVC that had the case management? If not why not? Is it with the State who is supposed to do oversight? Is it with the county attorney? Is it with the court? Where in this bloated multi-layered system (with more bloat due to privatization) is the accountability? Isn’t the first role of this system to protect children? But the governor wants that added layer and is willing to pay millions for it?


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