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March 1, 2011


Council delays retirement proposal

by Deena Winter

The Lincoln City Council voted last night to delay action on the mayor’s proposal to reduce retirement benefits for future mayoral aides and directors.

After Winterized reported last week that Mayor Chris Beutler and his aides and about a dozen directors receive a more generous retirement benefit than any other city employees, Beutler announced his plan to reduce those benefits, but only for people hired after April.

The legislation was on the City Council agenda last night, but Councilman Jon Camp made a motion to put the legislation on pending for two weeks. He said he wanted time to talk to the city attorney and mayor’s office to see if the match could get down to a 1-to-1 match and have it be effective immediately.

“I think there are a number of things to discuss,” Camp said. “We have not had a chance to have input.”

Several council members have said they didn’t know the legislation was coming.

Councilman Adam Hornung said since Beutler’s proposal doesn’t apply to existing employees, the council has plenty of time.

The council voted 6-1 to delay the process so the public hearing on the matter will be March 21.

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  1. Jane H Kinsey
    Mar 1 2011

    This points the lack of communication between the Council and the Mayor. How can anyone vote Beutler in again after his
    lack of work on important issues especially concerning budget management. VOTE for Tammie Buffington!

  2. John Duhon
    Mar 2 2011

    Jack Mitchell is taking credit for it too Deena. I think it’s more plausible that he had an influence, there’s probably 1,000 times more people that listen to Jack & John than read your blog.

    • Mar 2 2011

      What’s more interesting to me, John, is why someone who lives near Wichita would be so vicious towards me? Are you getting paid to do this or do you just do it for free?

  3. John Duhon
    Mar 2 2011

    Deena, please don’t get upset with me, Jack and John have a much larger audience than you. It’s alright. I know it doesn’t make you look like ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ who can take credit for forcing the Mayor’s hand, but it’s true that Jack and John broke this before you and have a larger audience and probably had an effect.

  4. Roberta
    Mar 2 2011

    All this is interesting, everyone hears the Mayor and LIBA complain about the City employees retirement packages. They say that no one in the private sector gets these kinds of benefits. I would say it depends on who you survey. What packages are being offered by Assurity, Kawasaki, Pfizer, Law firms, Windstream, the University, Verizon, Duncan Aviation, Blue Cross, Bryan Hospitals, Cornhusker Bank to name a few what are thier benefit packages?


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