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Buffington calls for audit of mayoral staff

Lincoln mayoral candidate Tammy Buffington today said if elected, she would do performance audits of mayoral staff and make real cuts in the mayor’s personnel budget.

Tammy Buffington

Mayor Chris Beutler announced last week that he and his 19 directors and aides would take a .5 percent pay cut, saving the city less than $11,000.

“We’re long past the point of making symbolic gestures that won’t help solve our budget problems and put tax dollars back in the voters’ pocketbooks,” Buffington said in a press release. “My staff will be subject to performance audits and the mayor’s office will be no different than any other part of city government. The mayor’s office won’t get special treatment and have salary advantages that other city employees don’t have.”

Buffington again criticized the mayor and his cabinet and aides’ retirement benefit of 12 percent of their salaries — with no matching funds required — given the mayor’s push for other employees to reduce their 2-to-1 match to a 1-to-1 match.

“The mayor must think that he and his top staff don’t have to play by the same rules as other city employees,” Buffington said. “It’s this sense of government entitlement that voters are getting tired of and want to see changed. The last three mayors have been from the same party and some senior staff have been in multiple administrations and real change is needed and expected by the voters,.”


Nuernberger running for Airport Authority

Former County Treasurer Richard Nuernberger is throwing his hat into the already crowded race for Lincoln Airport Authority.

Nuernberger has officially filed the necessary paperwork and signatures to get on the April 5 primary election ballot. Last November, Nuernberger did not seek re-election to the treasurer’s seat after 32 years in office.

His entry into the race makes him the third Republican running. Chris Hove and Michael James have also officially filed.


Democrats polling?

While out on the campaign trail, I was told the Democrats are doing some kind of polling about the mayoral and City Council races.

A man told me he was asked if he’s decided who he’s voting for in the races. Did you get a call? If so, email me and tell me about it —

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