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March 2, 2011


Nuernberger running for Airport Authority

by Deena Winter

Former County Treasurer Richard Nuernberger is throwing his hat into the already crowded race for Lincoln Airport Authority.

Nuernberger has officially filed the necessary paperwork and signatures to get on the April 5 primary election ballot. Last November, Nuernberger did not seek re-election to the treasurer’s seat after 32 years in office.

His entry into the race makes him the third Republican running. Chris Hove and Michael James have also officially filed.

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  1. B-rad
    Mar 2 2011

    With all due respect to Mr. Nuernberger , I’m glad he’s not County Treasurer any longer. It was tough to get his name AND title on the checks for property taxes and car registrations!

  2. J.Brown
    Mar 2 2011

    Big Deal, Just wants to be part of the good old boys club. What will he bring to the party? Same old same old. Time for new blood. Time for wood to go.

    • Roger C
      Mar 3 2011


  3. Dave Fall
    Mar 3 2011

    He sat in his office at the court house for 30+ years and did absolutely nothing except collect a fat pay check. Guy is a walking, talking clam bake. CITY seems to be doing best work in that regard right now.

    Remember this is a policy board. Only one question for this guy , Explain in 10 words or less how Public Policy is determined”


    • michaeljames4laa
      Mar 4 2011

      Maybe he is trying to make up for lost time 🙂 Spread the word, vote Michael James for Airport Authority.

  4. J.Brown
    Mar 4 2011

    Travis Moore has MY VOTE. Very good ideas and willing to isten.


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