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March 3, 2011


Mayor’s staff pay cut won’t take effect for six months

by Deena Winter

Winterized has learned that the .5 percent pay cut Mayor Chris Beutler recently said he and his staff will take won’t take effect until Sept. 1.

That is, assuming Beutler gets re-elected in May. If he weren’t re-elected, he and his staff wouldn’t take any pay cut unless the new mayor were to keep them on as directors and aides. Most mayors keep most of the old cabinet, but aides don’t often stay on, unless they’re from the same party as the outgoing mayor.

Anyway — a city hall source tells me the pay cut will not be effective immediately, but on Sept. 1, most likely to coincide with the beginning of the next fiscal year.

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  1. Jane H Kinsey
    Mar 3 2011

    While the department heads may have jobs at jeopardy in the changing administrations, very few are laid off. Johnson, Herz,
    etc. have been there through all the Democratic Mayors. Mostly, if they are let go, it is because they have angered someone
    important. I can’t remember any Mayor cleaning house when he or she came in. They can’t handle doing that. They are
    ignorant of the day to day operations and need these people who know the ropes or pretend to do so. Therefore, the Mayors are the puppets of the departments unless someone is elected who really want to help the city rather than themselves..

  2. in the real
    Mar 3 2011

    WE can only hope he don’t get back in. It takes 9 aids to keep the spin going its starting to collapse The Cornhusker going bankrupt Nebraska book store going broke, lost money from the state,No more State fair, New bridges falling in. that’s only some of it. Is there any pending law suits out there we don’t know about. I was getting gas the other day and a blue city truck pulled up and when I went in the gay is buying pop and pickle cards are we paying them to gamble on the job??? Man I fill sorry for the person who takes over I will write in Mike Folley.

  3. john
    Mar 3 2011

    Jane: Beutler got new department heads for pubic works, law, building and safety, urban dev. personnel

  4. Roberta
    Mar 4 2011

    John: no Beutler didn’t get new dpartment heads he got new people who would not challenge his decisions. Departmentheads should be able to run thier departments and keep city standards high, rather than giving in to the political bullying

  5. john
    Mar 4 2011

    well roberta department heads report to the mayor.


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