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March 4, 2011


Dems’ robocaller not too effective

by Deena Winter

Got a call last night from what my caller ID said was “Beutler Citizens for…” .

When I answered, an automated call kept saying something like, “This is Laura… ” over and over. I was patient, because I was hoping it was a survey, so I waited her out.

Finally, Robo-Laura got her bearings and went on. She said she was calling to let me know that the Nebraska Democratic Party would be sending me a form Friday to request an absentee ballot for the upcoming city elections.


But then she stumbled and started repeating herself again. Might want to reprogram Robo-Laura, Dems. She’s kind of annoying.

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  1. Huskerfan
    Mar 5 2011

    Deena, are you sure it wasn’t your phone that was cutting out? Was it a cell phone or a land line? I got the call and it sounded like a typical robocall. My friend got it too, neither of us know what you’re talking about. Did anyone else get the call?

    • Mar 6 2011

      No, it wasn’t the sound of a phone cutting out… it was like a skipping record, it kept starting over and repeating itself until it got “unstuck”… never had that problem with my phone before. It was definitely a problem with the recording.


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