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Utah developer lands Innovation Park, too

I thought it was interesting that the developer that won the Nebraska Innovation Park bid to develop infrastructure is the same company that was picked by the city to develop shops near the future arena.

Woodbury Corp. of Salt Lake City partnered with WRK of Lincoln to win the bidding to develop stores, restaurants, offices and so on near the future $168 million arena that will be built west of the downtown post office. I don’t believe Woodbury had done any projects in Lincoln before they won the arena gig, but they’ve signed on with WRK to do several projects since getting interested in the arena project.

The two companies are also building condos on top of the city parking garage under construction downtown between 13th and 14th on Q street. They’re also building a hotel in the Haymarket, which will be next door to the Sheldon expansion. And now, Woodbury — which is the managing partner in what it calls Nebraska Nova Development LLC — has signed an agreement to develop infrastructure for the first phase of Innovation Park (UNL’s research and development corridor on what used to be the state fairgrounds).

When I was at the LJS, I wrote about the wundertwins behind WRK, and if I were still an LJS reporter, I’d be trying to get an interview with Woodbury folks to find out why they see such potential in Lincoln, and how they’re able to invest so much money here during tough economic times. I think it’d be an interesting and well-read story.

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