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Buffington responds to LIBA’s Beutler endorsement

Tammy Buffington

Republican mayoral candidate Tammy Buffington today released the following press statement regarding LIBA’s recent endorsement of Mayor Chris Beutler for re-election in the upcoming city election:

The LIBA PAC is not the whole LIBA organization. While I am disappointed that they endorsed my opponent, I am not surprised. This is the opinion of a few individuals, not the whole organization. I firmly believe that through this campaign as I meet with small business owners and the majority of the LIBA members as well as more Lincoln citizens, I will show them the distinction between a career politician who only knows how to tax and spend and a small business owner that has concerns for Lincoln’s city debt.

One of my first actions will be to audit every department for efficiency and track where all the money is going. The incumbent mayor has led this city from a $1 million city debt to a $6.2 million debt in four years. Do we really want more of the same for 4 more years?

Let’s be reminded of LIBA’s mission statement of supporting candidates who promote fiscal responsibility and free enterprise, not a larger and more imposing government. As the people’s candidate, I’m out to prove myself to the people of Lincoln that I am the best choice for Mayor of Lincoln.

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