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Beutler hires Brashear again

My only comment on the mayor’s hiring of former colleague Kermit Brashear for $50,000 to help with labor negotiations is this: The last time Mayor Chris Beutler hired him, it didn’t work out exactly as planned.

Back in 2008, Beutler tapped the former speaker to lobby for the state fairgrounds to become a university research and development corridor (paid him $15,000), but not at the cost of losing the State Fair.

Ahem — well, he got half of that.


Council candidate apologizes for false endorsement claim

A direct-mail piece that recently landed in Lincoln mailboxes claimed that City Council candidat Travis Nelson was endorsed by the South Salt Creek Neighborhood Association. Only one problem: He wasn’t.

A member of the South Salt Creek association — Teri Pope-Gonzalez — said not only did the association NOT endorse Nelson, its bylaws prevent it from endorsing anyone.

Nelson rectified the situation with a little posting on his Facebook page, apologizing for any confusion. That ought to do it! Thousands of households with inaccurate information versus a Facebook page with a little apology.

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