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Roundabouts aren’t foolproof


I just thought this scene yesterday was interesting considering all the debate lately over the pros and cons of roundabouts.

One of the clear benefits of roundabouts is that they’re nearly foolproof — in other words, it’s pretty hard to get into a crash in one of them, unless you don’t understand the rules of the game. As one traffic engineer once explained to me, there are two rules: Don’t go if someone’s already in the circle, and signal when you’re about to exit the circle.

But some people don’t play by the rules, and can find a way to bump into each other anyway, as was the case yesterday afternoon at this roundabout at 33rd and Sheridan Boulevard.


And the award for the worst pothole goes to…

Here at Winterized, we’re looking for some awesome, crater-like potholes and teeth-gnashing bumpy streets to photograph — and since we don’t drive every street in Lincoln every day, we need your help.

After all, we’d hate to snub any particularly troublesome spots.

Nominate your nemesis pothole or street by submitting a comment below, or by emailing Photos welcome.

Hey, if you can’t fill ’em, you might as well photograph ’em!

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