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March 30, 2011


And the award for the worst pothole goes to…

by Deena Winter

Here at Winterized, we’re looking for some awesome, crater-like potholes and teeth-gnashing bumpy streets to photograph — and since we don’t drive every street in Lincoln every day, we need your help.

After all, we’d hate to snub any particularly troublesome spots.

Nominate your nemesis pothole or street by submitting a comment below, or by emailing Photos welcome.

Hey, if you can’t fill ’em, you might as well photograph ’em!

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  1. George
    Mar 30 2011

    NW 48th Street between the Cherry Hill housing development and the light on Huntington. Pay close attention to the south bound lane and how much disintegrated asphalt is built up on the side of the road. It’s the result of the city repatching the same 3-5 spots of asphalt over and over and over again without ever doing anything to really “fix” the issue. Folks now drive in the turn lane to miss these areas since you never know when a big chunk of asphalt is going to dislodge (again) and hit your car. But then again.. NW 48th is just useful all the way down… (yeah, I’m being sarcastic). If you’re going to come out, I would suggest avoid around the times that school starts and ends… unless you really enjoy extreme frustration and viewing people who are inpatient with a road that has been a low priority for the city for some time.

  2. in the real
    Mar 30 2011

    56Th and Frankland by far I drove N.W.48th the other day not as bad. 56Th and Frankland probable has bin patched 500 times I’m not kidding. As we all know North side of town is the worst check out 63rd and Fremont so bad at one it reverted back to dirt with no curbs and they wander why people don,t want NEW GROTH fix what we have before giving more money out in tif.

  3. Jane H Kinsey
    Mar 31 2011

    Watchdogs hopes to be in Igniteincoln and if we make the cut, we will come by and photograph them.

  4. Roberta
    Apr 12 2011

    The largest pothole in this City is at 555 South 10th Street, we keep pouring money into it and it never gets fixed.


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