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Donations from angels

Life on the campaign trail

I got a phone call over the weekend from a man with a husky voice who wanted to know if he could stop by with a donation for my City Council campaign.

I didn’t recognize the voice. When he and his wife showed up on my doorstep a few days later, I didn’t recognize either of them. They’d read my stories in the paper and this blog, and for some reason, felt moved to give me $200.

They drove a big van — with room for their five adopted children. Yes, FIVE. Not only are they all adopted, they are also special needs children. One had shaken baby syndrome, one was a crack baby. Two are twins. Three are siblings. All are loved.

Dad is a city employee. Mom stays home with the kids. A hard-working, blue-collar couple. That $200 means more to me than a $10,000 donation from a corporation would (if I were accepting such donations).

Thank you to all of you people out there who are sending me $20, $25 or more… you are the heart and soul of this campaign.

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