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April 1, 2011


Google goes to Kansas City

by Deena Winter

Remember awhile back when Lincoln put in a bid to be Google Inc.’s testing ground for a new lightning-fast Internet service?

We didn’t win the nationwide contest — but the winner isn’t too far away. Kansas City, Kan., beat out its big brother to the east, Kansas City, Mo.

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  1. Roberta
    Apr 1 2011

    Good for them, we didn’t want high paying jobs here in Lincoln anyway. We do not want to grow and be progressive.

  2. in the real
    Apr 2 2011

    Good ,we don’t need to grown can’t take care of what we have. Lets us stay a good clean town with sensible growth
    that we can maintain. Move to Omaha, or Kansas City if you what BIG City living or maybe Detroit or LA. I heard you can get a good deal on housing in those towns!

    • Roger C
      Apr 6 2011

      A typical response from the retirement home, I guess.


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