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April 21, 2011


Cook mailings hit the mark

by Deena Winter

The paper documented the first of what will surely be more mailings nailing City Council candidates for this, that and the other thing — in the true spirit of election season.

The Journal Star’s take on the mailing was that it was misleading, because it said Councilman Jonathan Cook has missed 80 percent of the “City County meetings.” The reporter said that could lead some people to believe they’re referring to City Council meetings.

Lincoln City Council

Well those words are pretty close, but it is accurate. Did they mean to mislead? Maybe. However, I think it’s a legitimate issue to raise. Cook is notorious at city hall for missing meetings that are held in the morning. It’s a running joke. Why? He says he works late into the night. However, if you’re elected to the City Council, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a teacher or a janitor or an attorney or a software developer — you should attend as many meetings as possible.

Including “City County” meetings — the monthly meetings between the City Council and County Board. Lots of important issues are discussed at those meetings — like the implementation of the RUTS roads program, the financing of the new county jail and the numerous interlocal agreements the city and county have. And that’s just the Common meeting — nobody has analyzed his attendance at the Super Common meetings (which add the school district to the mix) or numerous other subcommittees he’s on. If they meet in the morning, he’s probably not there.

So I think it’s perfectly legitimate to question why Cook misses so many meetings — especially when he has put out several mailings proclaiming that he has the “best City Council meeting attendance record” (I must have missed that award ceremony). Apparently, attendance records do matter.

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  1. Jennifer Strickland
    Apr 21 2011

    Jonathan Cook missed the briefings? Who cares, talk to people who work in city government, Jonathan Cook is the most meticulous, well informed member of the council. He should be presenting the briefings. The LJS had a very different perspective than this blog.

    The piece is dishonest, and we can expect more from the Republican party of dirty tricks.

  2. Observer
    Apr 22 2011

    Go watch any of the debates, my god even if the B.S. mailer were true I’d rather have Cook at 20% of the meetings than Nelson there at every one. I’m sorry, the guy has some canned answers LIBA has given him but try having more than a 2 minute talk with him on nuts and bolts city issues and the guy just doesn’t have a strong understanding.

  3. ...
    Apr 26 2011

    bitter much?

  4. Darrell Klein
    Apr 26 2011

    I agree with “bitter much.” I REALLY used to respect your reporting – especially on the arena. You are throwing everything you earned away. Stop and think.


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