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Council candidate accused in domestic incident 11 years ago

Travis Nelson is running for the City Council.

When City Council candidate Travis Nelson was targeted by Democrats for having money problems, he fought back with a press statement defending his reputation.

He also subtly launched a pre-emptive strike, in case the Dems intended to go after another blemish on his record: A “domestic” between he and his girlfriend in 2000, when they lived on 27th Street.

According to the Lincoln Police Department’s incident report, police were called to 1905 S. 27th St. after the incident at about 2:30 in the morning in mid-December.
The police report describes the incident as a “domestic argument” between Nelson and his then-girlfriend, Mary Jo Spicka, who is a Lincoln firefighter. The report says there was “pushing, scratches” and that Spicka had an abrasion on the “left forear.” Spicka is identified as the victim in the report.

Lancaster County Court records indicate he was convicted of disturbing the peace and sentenced to one year of probation. In a press statement earlier this week, Nelson said the conviction stemmed “an argument with his former wife prior to their marriage.”

Nelson served probation and completed an alcohol rehabilitation program. He has since remarried, to Ronda Smith Nelson, and has a 6-year-old son (Spicka’s son).

“I fully accept responsibility for my role in the situation,” Nelson said in his press statement. “That event made me take serious stock of my life and changed it forever, for the good.”

Nelson is running against incumbent Democrat Jonathan Cook in District 3, southwest Lincoln.

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