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May 2, 2011


What will Lee decision mean for the Journal Star?

by Deena Winter

That’s what I’m wondering, after reading this story.
If Lee Enterprises was on the brink of bankruptcy before proceeding with this debt refinancing plan, what does its decision NOT to proceed mean for the company’s future? Financial types, tell me what you think.
Here’s an interesting take on the situation.

On a lighter note, County Commissioner Jane Raybould and Lee CEO Mary Junck… separated at birth?

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  1. Gary Lacey
    May 2 2011

    First thing we do is fire Mary Junck who for some strange reason is paid a million dollars a year plus options and the use of a company jet.

    • May 2 2011

      She gets a lot more than a million bucks a year, my friend.

  2. Clem
    May 3 2011

    Mary Junck can’t be blamed for the economy or the decline of the traditional newspaper industry. What she can be blamed for is the ill-times purchase of Pulitzer. And the resources Lee has pumped into its digital strategy without really having a strategy, beyond driving page views at its various properties. I don’t know if she can be blamed for the tool in charge of that effort, Greg, who as part of the family of former owners, owns a ton of stock and may make Mary dance, rather than the other way around. But Mary has done what she can. She’s gutted newspapers and hired and promoted psycho publishers without souls. It’s just that nothing has worked. Gee, maybe she should be fired.

  3. porcupine
    May 3 2011

    It’s a good thing we have you Deena, keep up the good work thanks!


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